Saturday, July 4, 2015


Those who cannot cope with their problems create more worries. When misunderstanding occurs in their family they make life more miserable. Sometimes violence, bloodshed and sucide can also take place. So where is the satisfaction in a worldly life? Today people need more income not only for their daily living such as to provide their food, clothing, medicine, shelter, and to fulfill their obligation but also they have organized a way of life such that their sensual indulgence has increased. It has become a sort of competition. "People concentrate more on pleasure rather than the duties and responsibilities." Some people continue to feed their dissatisfaction by worrying about their future although they have more than enough at the moment. They worry about their sickness, old age, death, and also about heaven and hell in the next birth. Everyday they experience unsatisfactoriness in their life. They run here and there searching for a remedy to end their problems throughout their live. They continue this search for peace and happiness until they die but they never find their 'real solution'. When they feel that they are getting old they worry, they worry when they cannot get what they want, they worry when they lose their things or person they love. This leads to frustration and mental agony and may even later lead to mental derangement. We do not know the real nature of our existence but try to maintain life without experiencing any disturbances and changes. Life is changing, it is a bundle of elements and energies which are always changing. As a result no situation will ever be according to our expectation and we feel life does not work in our favor. When the elements and energies are imbalanced we experience uneasiness, sickness, pain, and many other problems. When mental energy is disturbed we experience mental problems. These mental problems if left unchecked over time manifest themselves as physical problems because our organs and glands also change their normal functioning and affect the blood circulation, heartbeat and brain cells. Today many people lead an artificial life not knowing its danger. Many of their problems are created by themselves due to their ignorance and crazy desire for too much pleasure. "Many of our problems and burdens come from middle age." To understand how our problems increase with age, let us assume there is a pit about hundred feet deep with burning charcoal at the bottom. If we put a ladder and ask some people to go down one by one, those who start to go down first will not complain about the heat until they descend to a depth of 40 to 50 feet, after that they feel a certain amount of heat. When they go further down to 60 to 70 feet and reach nearer the burning charcoal they experience the sensation of burning. They try to worn those coming after them about the danger below, but no one listens. In the same manner young people say there is nothing wrong with them and they do not experience suffering. It is as we grow older and have more understanding of old age, disease and impending death that we ... "Begin to feel the heat." I would says life is suffering and this is good example for young people to understand the nature of existence. Older people also have some of this wisdom and if young people listen to them they will be able to avoid many mistakes. Here is another example for you to understand why we would listen to our elders; "A flock of fishes see an unusual small obstruction in the water; it is really a trap put up by the fisherman to catch the fish. Some young fish want to go inside the obstruction and explore but the elderly fish advise them to do that because it could be a dangerous trap." The young fish ask; "How do we know whether it is dangerous or not? We can only know what it is if we go in and investigate? So some of them enter and are caught in the net. This tells us that it is not necessary to have personal experience in certain things to understand whether they are good or bad. "We must be prepared to accept the advice given by wise people who know infinitely more than we do." Therefore we should not think that we know everything and that no one can teach us about life and how to avoid its problems. When our elders and parents advise us not to do certain things, "we have to listen to them, because their experience in more advanced than our theoretical knowledge regarding our worldly life." This is why parents always advise their children to do certain things and not to do other things. "BEWARE OF LITTLE MISTAKE, A SMALL LEAK WILL SINK A GREAT SHIP." When young people neglect the advice given by the elders, they do many things according to their own way of thinking. Problems are created by our mind. If we developed our mind to maintain patience, tolerance and understanding, we will be able not to take any incident to create more problems. Remember! Our problems are of our own creation. It is not the work of others. From Empty Hands, A.RAHMAN BIN MAHADI. LABIS, JOHOR. 016-602 0321/017-716 1330. 05 JULY 2015. Next Topics: 1. "Bergantung Kepada Duit atau Wang Ringgit". 2. "Dealing With Enemies And Criticism".

Sunday, May 24, 2015


Saudara pembaca yang dikasihi! Ramai sahabat yang bertanyakan kepada saya tentang 'MIMPI'. Baguslah tu, kalau tidak tahu, bertanya. Jangan malam kita bermimpi, di siang hari pun kita berkhayal di muka bumi dengan mata celik, ke sana ke sini di bawah matahari yang sama di sepanjang penghidupan. Pertama kita perlu tahu, kenapa kita bermimpi. Perlu diingat; 'MIMPI ADALAH PERMAINAN TIDUR'. Dan ia juga 'PERMAINAN AKAL'. Adalah bahaya percaya pada 'MIMPI'. Kerana dikhuatiri kita akan percaya kepada 'SELAIN ALLAH'... Bahaya pada mimpi secara melampau-lampau, yang akan 'menarik kita kepada bisikan ... seperti suruh mengorbankan anak, bunuh isteri, emak, bapa, dan seluruh keluarga!' Kalau kita hendak 'MIMPI' yang baik-baik, seperti ada sebuah hadis; Boleh bermimpi 'RASULULLAH'. Tetapi siapakah kita yang 'luar dalamnya' penuh dengan pelbagai 'najis'. Adalah lebih baik kita 'MENGENAL HAKIKAT RASULULLAH', daripada bermimpi Rasulullah, yang saya rasa peratus kelayakan untuk bermimpi tentang Rasulullah, mungkin SATU PERATUS SAHAJA, mungkin juga lebih, itu semua kerja Allah. Tahniah! Bagi yang dikurniakan bermimpi berjumpa Rasulullah! (Kebenarannya adalah Iblis / Syaitan tidak boleh menyerupai Rasulullah s.a.w). Kenapa kita bermimpi? Semuanya adalah kerana kita 'TIDUR' dan mimpi itu adalah juga 'PERMAINAN AKAL'. Ambil perhatian! Jika mimpi itu boleh diulang-ulang dalam siri dan episod yang sama, itu bukan imiginasi. Dan itu juga bukan mimpi. Kerana mimpi tidak boleh diulang-ulang. Justeru nasihat saya; Jangan buang masa dengan 'TEORI AKAL'. Sekali pun secara kebetulan ianya BETUL dan TERJADI. Ia tetap 'SECARA KEBETULAN'. Itulah yang membezakan antara 'MIMPI' dan 'REALITI'. Realiti tetap sebagai realiti (sebagaimana ianya). Mimpi pula adalah sesuatu yang berlaku sekali, kemudian lenyap! Dan ia bukan di tangan kita untuk mengembali atau menayangkannya semula. Setiap pagi apabila kita buka mata, kita nampak bilik yang sama. Setiap malam apabila kita masuk tidur dan memejamkan mata, mimpi kita semuanya berlainan, dan tidak sama. Ingat! Apa yang 'KEKAL' adalah 'REALITI' dan 'BENAR'. Tetapi apa yang 'kerap berubah', melintas pantas, sepintas pantas, dan di luar kawalan kita, itulah yang dinamakan 'MIMPI'. Ingat! Kita tidak boleh ulang mimpi, kerana ia bukan bersifat 'objektif'. Ia tidak boleh dikongsi, dan kita boleh jemput kawan-kawan buat 'parti mimpi'. 'REALITI' sebenarnya 'OBJEKTIF', sehinggakan 'realiti dalaman' kita pun 'objektif'. Justeru anda sendirilah periksa, cuba dan cubalah, jika kita boleh ulang-ulang 'mimpi' yang sama. Jangan risau dan cemas, ia bukan 'permainan akal', ianya adalah sesuatu yang indah (it is a beautiful meditation, but it is not 'concentration or contemplation). "Go deep into it, you will be bless and you will feel so joyful." From Empty Hands, A. RAHMAN BIN MAHADI. LABIS, JOHOR. 016-602 0321 / 017-716 1330. 25 MAY 2015. Next Topics: 1."How To Face Our Problem". 2. "Bergantung Kepada Duit atau Wang Ringgit".

Tuesday, April 14, 2015


All days are beautiful! It is not the days that matter but what goes on deep within you as each day passes. It is the soul experience that matters, and the soul should contemplate the glory of God at all times, regardless of the weather! Man tends to live out his life like a cork floating in the sea, tossed about by the waves without a sense of direction. That is not the purpose of life. "You do not expect to see a car traveling along the road without a driver at the wheel, or to see him asleep at the wheel?" But that is exactly what is happening in many of your lives: _____ no direction, no awakening, just the experiencing of events and the needless problems of everyday life. The thought of searching for the truth does not even occur to you and you remain at the lower levels of consciousness. It is the body-soul relationship which needs to be repaired to establish the state of perfect harmony. Look inside and contemplate the true state of the soul, for that is where the problem lies, deep within. In life there are no problem that cannot be resolved. If you can changed your attitude to all around you, even your attitude to yourself, then you will start on a new path and establish. A better relationship between body and soul. This may seem difficult after a whole lifetime of false values. But it is not possible to change, provided you set aside the time, and also turn to God. So that you start on a new spiritual path, hand in hand with Him in all that you do and think! Dear Readers! Look within and find your own identity. Come to terms with the world as it is. You are here in the world for a purpose: Purification of the soul, evolution of the soul and its journey along the spiritual path, back to the Godhead. That is the state in which you should live, in complete harmony and attunement with the Lord at all times. This is the way to plot your journey on the spiritual path. As you progress along the spiritual path, God the Ultimate is your guide and helper and He will carry you forward on the spiritual path if only you establish real contact with Him. Keep your heart open and let love flow. God's Love will fill you with divine energy and help you along the path, guiding you to overcome all obstacles. It is a long journey, but it becomes shorter and easier once you share it with the Lord. He knows the path, and will guide you all the way to the very end. "God is like food for the body and soul. The food is there waiting for you, but you will remain hungry if you leave the food untouched." Cleansing of the body and of the soul come together. When the soul is disturbed, it delays the proper cleansing and healing of the body. Therapy is required for both if you are to achieve inner peace and harmony, a tonic that heals all the ills of the body. When there have been many years of ill health, the change cannot take place overnight. It is a gradual process of readjustment. What is needed is a balance between body and soul, a body-Soul harmony. Then, and only then, will you find the way to re-establish complete harmony between body and Soul and enjoy the perfect health that flows with it. From Empty Hands, A.RAHMAN BIN MAHADI, Labis, Johore. 016-602 0321 /017-716 1330. 15 APRIL 2015. Next Topics: 1."Perbezaan Antara Mimpi dan Realiti". 2. "How To Face Our Problem"

Sunday, March 1, 2015


Majoriti di antara kita manusia bukan sahaja risau tentang masa depan mereka. Makhluk lain selain dari manusia, bebas dari apa-apa jua permasalahan. Saudara Pembaca! Kita semua tahu bahawa tiada siapa yang boleh meramal apa akan terjadi kepada kita semua hari esok. Tetapi tidaklah perlu kita risau sangat dengan tidak tentu pasal. Apabila timbul kesulitan dan permasalahan, ada banyak cara untuk kita menguat dan mengukuhkan akal kita untuk mengurangkan keazaban mental dan kedukaan. Pertama: Kita mesti sedar dan tahu bahawa di dunia yang sedang kita berada di dalamnya, hendaklah dianggap semuanya tidak sempurna, dan kita cuba lari darinya. Ambil Ingatan Ini! "BAHAWA DUNIA YANG SEDANG KITA BERADA DI DALAMNYA, TIDAK SEKALI-KALI AKAN MENYEBELAHI KITA; KERANA KITA JUGA ADALAH SEBAHAGIAN DARIPADA DUNIA ITU." Dan jangan sekali-kali menyalahkan dunia ini, dunia yang sedang kita huni ini tiada salahnya. Tetapi ada sesuatu yang tidak kena pada 'diri kita' selaku manusia, yang tidak pernah sedar akan hakikat dirinya. Bimbang dan risau lahirnya dari pemikiran yang terpengaruh dan dipengaruhi sehingga berakar umbi. Seluruh dunia berada di kepalanya. Perlu diketahui bahawa penghidupan di dunia adalah umpama sebuah gambar yang sedang bergerak perlahan, di mana semuanya sedang bergerak dan berubah-ubah. Ertinya; "TIADA APA YANG DI DUNIA INI YANG KEKAL." Bagi mereka yang muda remaja, dan kuat, mereka khuatir untuk mati muda. Bagi mereka yang tua pula, dan menderita, bimbang dan risau jika usianya dipanjangkan. Mereka yang muda dan tua seumpama itu adalah mereka yang telah terperangkap; Kerana mengejar 'keseronokan' dunia di sepanjang hidupnya. Kerisauan sebenarnya disebabkan oleh "kita terlampau bergantung kepada 'kebendaan'." Di dunia ini bukan tempat kita bergantung. Semua pergantungan selain 'ALLAH', akan berakhir dengan 'kedukaan' dan 'kesengsaraan'. Apa jua yang sedang kita semua lalui dan lihat .... tua dan muda, tidak terkecuali dari kesengsaraan di kewujudan ini. Saudara Pembaca Yang Budiman! "Bila mana timbulnya ketakutan, cemas, bimbang, kerisauan, ia lahir dan timbul kerana kebodohan dan kejahilan kita. Tetapi tidak pada orang arif dan bijak." Semua perkara di atas adalah tiada apa-apa. Ia memerlukan suatu keadaan akal yang perlu dikawal dan penunjuk arah (seperti sebuah kapal yang memerlukan 'marine compass'. Menyalahguna akal akan mengeluarkan ketakutan dan kecemasan. Akal yang positif akan menyedari dan melahirkan harapan dan keunggulan. Justeru, jangan risau, sentiasa positif. Tetapi ambil ingatan, apa akan terjadi jika kita terus risau? "Kerisauan akan membuatkan darah kita cepat kering, lebih cepat dari ketuaan kita." "Jangan sekali-kali membawa kerisauan kita sewaktu hendak masuk tidur." "Kerisauan adalah juga musuh utama kepada akal dan tubuh kita." Nasihat saya; Jangan putus asa dan jangan risau. Letakkan seluruh kekuatan kepercayaan kita kepada ALLAH selaku Pencipta, nanti semua kesulitan kita akan lulus. Yang lampau jangan dikenang lagi, ia telah pergi selama-lamanya. Ia tidak boleh dianalisa dan dipinda lagi. Dan kita tidak perlu risau tentang masa depan kita. Ingat kata-kata ini;- "Orang yang telah dimiliki oleh ALLAH, dia tidak kehilangan apa-apa, dan tidak pernah risau apa-apa dalam hidupnya. Tetapi orang kehilangan ALLAH, akan hilang segala-galanya." Bandingkan 'kerisauan manusia' dan 'binatang';- Manusia banyak sangat kerisauannya; diantara kerisauannya adalah - jika tiada beras, tiada garam, tiada gula, dan lain-lain keperluan asas di dapur. Justeru, kita semua sibuk apa pada saat ini, sekarang! Sibuk kalau tidak makan pada hari esok. Maka sibuklah manusia menyimpan 'STOK'. Binatang pula, juga berkepala macam kita manusia. Tetapi ia tidak pernah sibuk menyimpan 'stok' untuk hari esok. Justeru, jangan sibukkan diri dengan perkara-perkara yang remeh-temeh. Setiap hari yang berlalu, ertinya kita diberi peluang untuk menyemak diri. Setiap kita hanya diberi peluang 24 jam, tidak lebih. Oleh itu rebutlah peluang, jangan ia terlepas begitu sahaja tanpa ada pengisian di dalamnya. From Empty Hands, A.RAHMAN BIN MAHADI, Labis, Johore. 016-602 0321 / 017-716 1330. 02 March 2015. Next Topics: 1. "Body And Soul Harmony". 2. "Perbezaan Antara Mimpi dan Realiti".

Tuesday, January 6, 2015


We are living in a world where might is stronger than right. The strong takes advantage of the weak and the rich exploits the poor. We should avoid acting in this way. If we cannot agree, we have to learn at least to agree to disagree. We should express our views gently and politely without trying to impose views on others by force. Those who use physical force to overcome their opponents clearly show their inability to convince the opponents that they are right. "WAR" : One major area where inhumanity is so obviously seen is in armed conflict. WAR is a big business and a boon to powerful countries. It has become prestigious for some countries to develop nuclear weapons. Smaller less powerful countries that approach big nations to ask for arms and economic aid, get "into the same trap and lose their independence". Peace loving people plead with big nations to stop the nuclear arm races but they are not listened to "powerful leaders do not realize that great conquerors vanished in the course of time". There is none to shed a tear at their death, but the great people who have conquered their own hearts through kindness, and compassion win the hearts of others. "They still live and shall continue to do, so in the mind of the good." A child who was watching a football match on TV asked his father; "Why are they fighting, running, chasing over the ball. Why don't we give one ball to each?" "HOW TO STOP WAR" "Never indeed by hatred do hatreds cease, by love alone both hatred cease,... This is law eternal." This single saying is worth more than millions of lives because it can prevent a world war. "As a matter of fact, it can prevent all wars if every body would engrave this golden saying on his or her heart." But as long as people think in terms of war, there will always be war, because war is caused by our thoughts of lust, hatred, and delusion. And when each and every man's thought become thoughts of love, good ill, non greed, thoughts of enlightenment, then there will be peace. But the political idiots are concerned only with how to destroy. Man is lagging behind, and the technology has gone far ahead of him. He does not know what to do with it, and whatever he is going to do with it is going to be wrong. Atomic energy could have a great blessing to humanity. It could have removed all poverty. But instead of remaining poverty, instead of making man's life richer, it destroyed innocent people in Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and many other countries - who had done no harm to anybody. And now, the atom bombs that destroyed Nagasaki and Hiroshima are like toys, because now the nuclear weapons are so powerful, that they can destroy the whole earth. "SEVEN HUNDRED TIMES" Technology and Science are not the problems. The problem is the retarded man, he has in his hands such power to destroy... Modern technology and Science has not corrupted man. Man is not capable of using modern Science and technology in the right way, meaning; "THE MODERN MAN IS NOT BORN YET". Dear readers! "So, what is your idea of civilization? Or, is it still an idea - or somebody you and me has to make it a reality!" As I said; Technology and Science are not the problem. The problem is the retarded man. Technology is just a means in your hands, and whatever you want to make of it you can make of it. Medical Science thinks man can live three hundred years, old age can be simply avoided, diseases can disappears, man can live young, healthy, for a three hundred years. But nobody is interested in that, no POLITICIAN is interested in that. Their interest is how to create .... death rays. And if death rays can be created, do you think it is inconceivable to imagine that live rays can be created? The same genius, the same Scientist who can create death rays is capable of creating life rays. But nobody is asking for life rays. The demand is for death rays, and most probably they already have death rays in the SOVIET UNION and AMERICA. Then there is no need to send a missile with nuclear bombs; death rays can just be directed towards a certain spot and they will pass through people, killing them in such a way.... They will not destroy anything else. Your furniture will be saved, your houses will be saved, your car will be saved - they will only destroy life - Or life will not be found anywhere. But the political... idiots are concerned only with how to destroy. They are not concerned to beautify human life, to prolong human life, to help human beings to remain young, youthful, playful. They don't want this earth to be a place of festivity, of joy, of song and dance, and they don't want to give humanity time enough to evolve in to new dimensions of being. Please note: "We are in the process of entering a strange kind of world, meeting a strange people that always think in strange ways." Strange, out-of-date humanity, the new man, has not yet come on the stage. We have to herald his coming - to beautify human life, to make this earth to be a place of festivity. From Empty Hands, A. Rahman bin Mahadi, Labis, Johore. 016-602 0321 / 017-716 1330. 06 JANUARY 2015. Next Topics: 1. "Kita Tidak Perlu Risau Tentang Masa Depan". 2. "Perbezaan Antara Mimpi dan Realiti" 3. "Body and Soul Harmony"

Sunday, October 5, 2014


Yang pasti adalah 'KEMATIAN' selepas 'KELAHIRAN'. Semua di dunia ini takut akan mati. Tetapi 'TIDAK' bagi yang 'TAHU TUJUAN KELAHIRANNYA, dan 'TAHU APA YANG TERKANDUNG DI DALAM SETIAP KELAHIRAN', yang kerap sahaja diulang-ulang sehingga kini. Bagi yang tahu 'RAHSIA' kelahiran hidupnya pasti membawa 'KECEMERLANGAN dan KETENANGAN'. Sebaik seseorang itu dilahirkan ke dunia ini, ia tidak ubah seperti sebutir 'PELURU'yang mesti menepati sasarannya... Iaitu 'KEMATIAN'. Semua orang tidak boleh tidak, pasti akan menghadapinya. Ia merupakan fenomena biasa sebenarnya. Lagi cepat seseorang itu faham, dan dapat menerimanya, adalah lagi baik. Kerana memampukan kita untuk menjuruskan kelahiran penghidupan kita itu untuk tujuan kebaikan sejagat. Relitinya atau sebenarnya kita tidaklah terganggu sangat dalam soal 'KEMATIAN'. Cuma kita selalu diasak dan menerima maklumat yang 'SALAH' dan daripada orang-orang yang 'TAKUT'. Kematian itu bukanlah seburuk mana, seperti yang pernah digambarkan oleh sesetengah pihak yang hidupnya 'kaku', 'mati sebelum dimatikan'. Maka fahaman begitulah yang menguasai 'akal fikiran' banyak orang. Semua makhluk sama ada manusia, tidak kira apa jantinanya, bangsanya, bahasanya, anutannya, pegangannya, 'SATU IKATAN PERJANJIAN TERHADAP KEMATIAN, SUDAH TERMETRAI SEJAK LAMA.' Dalam maksud lain; 'Tiada alternatif atau jalan keluar untuk mengelak MATI'. "KEMATIAN adalah suatu proses yang sedang berlangsung secara berterusan di dalam dunia ini." Tiada siapa yang berani berhadapan muka ke muka di saat 'kematian'. Justeru tiada siapa boleh bebas dari 'ketakutan' di dunia ini 'kecuali dia seorang yang benar-benar bebas dari ketakutan kematian'. Ambil ingatan ini!... "Jika kita takut akan KEMATIAN adalah sama seperti kita tidak mahu membuang BAJU USANG yang telah kita pakai selama ini". Adalah amat sukar bagi kita semua untuk menerima kehilangan seseorang yang kita KASIHI, yang telah bersama kita buat sekian lama. Halusi Cerita ringkas ini : Seorang ibu kematian seorang anak, hidupnya terlalu murung dan berdukacita setiap hari. Lalu dia pergi mendapatkan seorang wali Allah untuk mendapatkan nasihat bagaimana hendak menghilangkan ingatan dan kemurungannya setiap hari. Orang tua itu (wali Allah) pun memberitahu kepada Si ibu itu, sambil katanya; "Sukakah engkau mempunyai bilangan anak dan cucu yang ramai seperti yang engkau lihat di kampung ini atau di mana-mana?" Jawab Si ibu tersebut; "Ya, Tok, pastinya saya mahu!" "Tetapi berapa ramaikah yang engkau tahu setiap hari ada saja kanak-kanak mati?" "Ramai Tok, di kampung ini atau di mana pun ramai kanak-kanak mati, ada sahaja Tok." Oleh itu wahai ibu; "Kalau begitu adakah akan engkau tangisi, sehari-hari jika beratus-ratus orang mati setiap hari?" Ingatlah kata orang tua itu; "Mereka yang tidak bergantung selain Allah, adalah mereka yang hidupnya tidak ada dukacita atau kemurungan." Ingatlah Sudara Pembaca! Bila kita bergantung atau mengukuhkan pergantungan kita kepada selain ALLAH, maka bersiap sedialah untuk menempuh atau menempah kesugulan dan kemurungan apabila kita dipisah atau diceraikan dengan anak, isteri, atau sebagainya. Untuk pengetahuan, orang-orang yang stres atau mentalnya tertekan adalah mereka yang enggan berhadapan dengan fakta atau kenyataan sebagai suatu realiti dalam penghidupannya. Seseorang yang stres atau tertekan, jika tidak diatasi, akibatnya akan membuat fizikalnya bertambah parah. Pastinya semua orang tahu, kerisauan, dukacita atau penyakit yang sedang dihidapi akan mengakibatkan seseorang bertambah parah. "Kita tidak boleh pilih hari atau waktu yang sesuai untuk mati. Tetapi kita boleh berhadapan dengan penyakit dan kematian yang sedang kita hidapi tanpa takut." Ramai orang takut kepada mayat, atau tubuh badan yang sudah mati. Hakikatnya, orang yang hiduplah lebih merbahaya daripada tubuh badan yang sudah mati. Tubuh badan orang yang sudah mati tidak boleh buat apa-apa terhadap orang yang hidup. Malah orang yang masih hiduplah boleh melakukan apa saja termasuk membunuh. Justeru, bukankah bodohnya kita takut terhadap orang yang sudah mati. Apakah 'KELAHIRAN' dan 'KEMATIAN'? Jangan takut kepada 'kematian'. Kita tidak perlu takut kepada 'kematian'. "Kelahiran dan kematian adalah umpama seutas benang yang mempunyai DUA penghujung, hujung dan pangkal yang sama, iaitu dari benang yang sama. Justeru, rahsia KELAHIRAN dan KEMATIAN adalah mudah. Ianya SUATU PROSES PENGHIDUPAN di mana setiap individu mesti menyedari peranan 'kematian' adalah matlamat terhadap sesiapa sahaja, sama ada dia seorang raja, kaya, atau miskin, kuat atau lemah, tempat rehat terakhir kita adalah di dalam keranda. Semua manusia akan berhadapan dan berkongsi nasib yang sama. Oleh kerana JAHIL akan hakikat kehidupan ini, maka kita sering meratap, menangis, ada kalanya kita senyum, kemudian meratap lagi.017-71 Sebaik kita menyedari akan hakikat kehidupan ini, maka nanti barulah boleh kita berhadapan dengan komponen-komponen kebendaan yang bersifat sementara dengan segala syarat keduniaan itu dengan tidak terbelenggu dan bebas lepas dari penggantungannya. Jika tidak, kita akan dihantui kematian, terbelenggu, takut meninggalkan dunia ini, kerana harta kekayaan, anak bini, dan sebagainya. Oleh itu jika kita rasa tidak tertahan dan rasa takut mati, maka hendaklah kita berusaha 'melenyapkan rasa takut mati' dengan melepaskan seluruh komponen kebendaan yang bersifat sementara itu, bukanlah hak kita. Maka barulah sempurna kelahiran kita itu, dan 'mati akal' adalah merupakan suatu 'kematian' yang sangat tenang. From Empty Hands, A. RAHMAN BIN MAHADI Labis, Johore. 016-602 0321 / 017-716 1330. 05 Oktober 2014. Next Topics: 1. "WAR - And How To Stop War". 2. "Perbezaan Antara Mimpi dan Realiti".

Wednesday, August 13, 2014


AURA is an emanation projecting beyond the space occupied by the human body. It is oval or egg shaped. Being visible to those have developed their 'PSYCHIC POWER' to a high degree 'Clairvoyant Eye'. BLUISH WHITE : In healthy persons, the lines are straight but when a person is ill or invalid they droop and come in all directions. The colour of Aura changes according to thought and emotions, either negative or positive base on illness, health and vitality. AURA OF NEGATIVE STATE OF MIND or Evil Electromagnetic Waves. 1. Hatred - Blackish Dark Red. 2. Malice - Black Aura. 3. Revenge - Dark Violet. 4. Agony - Deep Red and Black. 5. Excessive - Deep Wine - Red. 6. Rage - Scarlet Red Colour mixed with Dark Brown. 7. Jealousy - Deep Green mixed with Black. 8. Greed - Reddish Brown. 9. Selfishness - Bright Grey. 10. Fear & Terror - Ugly Shades of Smokey Grey mixed with Reddish Brown. 11. Depression - Brown and Dark Grey. All these negative thought impulses arising from mind - Ego produce stress syndrome in body physiologically in different ways according to the intensity of 'Electromagnetic Waves of different wave lengths. AURA OF POSITIVE STATE OF MIND or Good Electromagnetic Waves. 1. Tolerance and adaptability - Bright Green. 2. Ambition and Pride - Bright Orange. 3. Love - Motherly-pink Higher Feeling Light. Red Highest with Selflessness. Beautiful Rose. 4. Religious - Dark Blue. 5. Spiritually High - Light Blue. 6. Intelligent and Spiritually High - White, Brilliant with Sparkling Light Blue twinkling little stars. 7. Intelligent and Spiritually High Highest Sphere of Divine. - Round head brilliant white followed by blue and golden yellow Aura all around the body. Please remember! All desires create thought forms whether good or bad. That is why we must pay careful attention when we emit negative thoughts of these have disastrous consequences as - "Thoughts are the things with airy wings, they go faster than a dove and they bring you back what ever you had in your heart, hate or love." And also note :- A person of strong will can send forth vigorous positive thoughts that hit the mark like a bullet. An evil thought can come back to the person who projects it with increased force like a 'boomerang' that returns to the thrower. That is why, we must avoid negative thoughts in order to keep your own body healthy. THERE ARE FIVE GREAT WEAPONS AGAINST EVIL THOUGHTS SUCH AS :- 1. Love. 2. Faith in God. 3. Company of Good people. 4. All Good Thoughts. 5. Meditation. There enable you to think only strong positive thoughts and send love to others .... 'Even to your enemy'. They will avoid depression and discouragements in your mind and boost the heart leading to healthy body organs and good health. 1. Love - Soothing Waves. 2. Faith in God - Soothing Waves. 3. Company of Good People - Satisfactory Waves. 4. All good thoughts - Satisfactory Waves. 5. Meditation. - Quietness of Brain Waves and Sleep. Man should have harmony between - words, actions and deeds. Then only he can remain healthy inside out. Otherwise disharmony produces diseases. "Always take the Divine into your mind and firmly establishing it in mind". From Empty Hands, A. Rahman bin Mahadi. Labis, Johore. 016-602 0321 / 017-716 1330. 13 AUGUST 2014. Next Topic: 1. "Apa Itu Kelahiran dan Kematian" 2. "WAR - And How To Stop War"